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Paul was born in the UK and now lives with his wife, Konomi, in the small community of La junta in Aysen, Patagonia, where they have built their unique earth and turf home. He is an environmentalist who has walked over fifty thousand kilometers through 39 nations, inspiring the planting of millions of trees along the way. Earning him the name, 'Earthwalker'.

Paul has been the ambassador to the "Culture of Peace" in the UN designated Peace Messenger Initiative since 1994. He is an author, a journalist with articles published internationally,and a speaker with over 3000 public presentations to his name.

Recently he and Konomi have converted their energies into organic architecture, landscaping and design, in order to create an alternative home and sustainable lifestyle in Patagonian Chile, for which they recently won Wiser's International 2012 Earth Day Living Contest.

For his work Paul has been honoured by national governments and has received several awards.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/earthwalkerpc


Paul nació en el Reino Unido y ahora vive con su esposa, Konomi, en la pequeña comunidad de La Junta, en Aisén, Patagonia, donde han construido una casa única. Él es un ecologista que ha caminado más de cincuenta mil kilómetros a través de 39 países, inspirando a la plantación de millones de árboles. Para este se hizo conocido como el "Earthwalker '.

Paul ha sido el embajador de la "Cultura de la Paz" en la ONU Iniciativa designado Mensajero de la Paz desde 1994. Él es un escritor, periodista de artículos publicados internacionalmente, y un consumado orador público, con más de 3000 presentaciones.

Recientemente, él y Konomi han convertido sus energías en la arquitectura orgánica, jardinería y diseño, con el fin de crear un hogar alternativo y estilo de vida sostenible en la Patagonia Chile, para lo cual recientemente ganó International 2012 Concurso Earth Day Viviente.

Por su trabajo, Paul ha sido honrado por los gobiernos nacionales y ha recibido varios premios.
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New Terraces and Pit Greenhouse

It's been a busy year, so busy that we've not had much time to add blogs to the community, anyway, here I am with news. Last November we began receiving volunteers from the workaway program, an international web community of volunteers and over seventy people turned up in the course of the next…


Posted on July 20, 2015 at 5:00pm

Map/plan Of Our Land Here In La Junta

This map, lovingly drawn by Konomi, shows the work that has been done on our land over the last four years. We consider things 80% complete and things to be done over the next year include the completion of our guest house, a covered walkway/kitchen space to the greenhouses (which we are presently working on) and the completion of a bathing area complete with hot tub fired by a rocket stove that will use the twigs and branches which we can now coppice fron the bushes that have grown all over…


Posted on September 6, 2014 at 1:32pm

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At 7:59am on May 24, 2014, Geoff said…

Hi Paul, I am very happy to see you are blogging again. Not that I have looked recently but very happy to get an email in my Inbox. I saw recently that Paul of Permies.com has started a PAHS thing and there is a 100 acres of beautiful Canadian Shield (exposed granite) for sale nearby, It would promise a wonderfully delicious challenge, best met with earth bag flexibility I think. When I look around here, there is an obvious suitability for PAHS and earthbag. My long deceased grandfather's words echo in my ears, "You are what you do." As you've web access, I have been listening to audio readings of L. A. Seneca (4 BC - 65 AD) a LibriVox recording found via archive.org "Of Peace of Mind.", for example. I've downloaded the .pdf's too, I plan to mine them for quotes like , "The man who is everywhere, is nowhere." And then print them on T-shirts so when people see me pass on the street they are unlikely to think, "He fits this or that stereotype." I should soon be done my fencing, if I forget don't hesitate to remind me to post a photo. If you or some of your volunteers happen to be in Canada, I do hope you'll come by. Yours, Geoff

At 2:51pm on April 13, 2013, Geoff said…

Hi Paul,

We just walked around our 15 acres, yesterday saw a lot of freezing rain, our power was out for 10 hours... que sera, sera. When we were up at the high point on our land I was able to show Toni where I thought a north-facing yet still passive solar house could go. As people will do and is normal for the current social/financial paradigm, a premium would be charged for optimal (at least via conventional understanding) south-facing (Canada/Northern hemisphere) building sites. I have read the PAHS book and believe I understand clearly enough the critical or non-negotiable aspects I need to balance for a sound application. To have this north-facing aspect is to further serve as a shock value, so observers are in  a way stripped of conventional assumptions of passive solar houses having to be more like solar ovens than a house! It should also be less expensive with drastically less glass required.

I was in Toronto and had found a cafe with wireless internet service for checking email. Coincidentally my waitress was Argentinian. It was so nice to pull up your site and share with her my envy of how beautiful your location is. And to point out how your house-type would not require chopping trees down to stay warm... Thank you for being a humble example and sharing so openly your life experiences. I've been to enough Transition Toronto (http://transitiontoronto.ning.com/profile/GeoffBuddle) and the like meetings that unfortunately I see too regularly people trying to "out green" each other. 

I should go, our hoop house (www.northerngreenhouse.com style) collapsed under the snow load this winter, it was easy to return to full height  and the chickens and ducks have come through the winter better than any previous, still my temporary ridge beam needs raising the last 6" and Toni wants to plant soon, easiest time to re-establish the rebar hoops to semi-circular is while I can move about unrestricted. I do want it to look good enough that it would inspire more than it would now to try a self-built rather than re-enforce the idea that only commercially produced greenhouses can be aesthetically pleasing.

Ta for now (Hasta luego!), Geoff

At 9:45am on September 14, 2012, Patricia Rodriguez said…

thanks for accepting me !

At 9:00pm on May 1, 2012, masaki nakatani said…

Thank you very much for your information. We have been anxious since Apl.11

when last mail was received ,wuth not having idea for where to and how to contact.

I owe you a lot really . We are impressed by beautiful scenery on your web site (exiting!) 

and prompted to visit sometime although it is  too distant from us in reality.

Thank you and Konomi san again.

Masaki Nakatani

At 1:00pm on March 5, 2012, T Phillips said…

Thanks so much for taking the extra time to document what you are doing. It is a great help and inspiration to those of us with big future plans!


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