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Building a Compost Toilet - House of Rising Sun コンポストトイレ(朝日のあたる家)を作る

Choosing A Slope With A View
With Cliff we completed a path from the hilltop house to the vegetable garden, and started building a compost toilet. 
Originally we were going to build it with earthbag walls and a wood/tin roof, but Cliff came up with the great idea of a cone shaped plastic roof which is much more cost effective and energy efficient as it creates a similar heat storage effect as our first earthbag-polytunnel. The polytunnel absorbs the heat of the day, and the earthbags store it, and release it during the night. We have noticed that our earthbag-polytunnel is much warmer than regular polytunnel. Also with this new design for a compost toliet we could use recycled materials that we already have on our land.
First we chose the hillside area, which is well protected from the wind with a good view of the forest, then we dug down the slope into a square shape, made big foundation earthbags, then used small bags on top to make the walls. We placed the used plastic linings from our recycled feed sacks between the earthbags and earth so that water doesn't enetr the structure. 
Paul made an A-frame support for the roof from used wood and a platform for a toilet seat from a recycled window shutter and created a door from recycled wood, recycled bags and used polystirine insulation.
Cliff and I made a half dome roof with used plastic sheet and plastic pipes. All materials are either recycled or reused exept for a toilet seat, a couple of door hinges and two thin strips of wood which were used to create a sturdy door frame. 
Around the toilet a drainage was dug to make sure the toilet stays warm and dry (Water cools down the soil in the bags and the surrounding earth). 
After four days of digging, bagging, lifting and tamping, we made a very comfortable, temparature regulated, pleasant looking compost toilet that offers a great view of the forest when the seat is in use.  
Underneath the toilet seat, we placed a used polypropilene feedbag to collect solid waste and to facilate the process of removal. Sawdust helps decompost the waste and removes any unwanted odours. After few months, when the waste is ready to be removed from the toilet, the bag is easily detached from the toilet seat and it will be relocated to the other part of the land to plant a tree. 
We named our first toilet The House of Rising Sun, as from the seat which Paul likens to a Royol throne the rising sun can be seen!!

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Comment by Cliff Spenger on December 28, 2010 at 8:03am
@ Tonyhen: Yes Tony. There is a good photo of Paul on the "throne" perhaps he will post it here soon.
Comment by tonyhen on December 27, 2010 at 9:55pm
The only shot left for all to see is Paul sitting like royalty on his throne...

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