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Creación de un estilo de vida sostenible en Patagonia  パタゴニアでサステイナブルな暮らし作り

Did you know: The first 1000 bags we used in our Patagonian house building project were Re-Used.

Back in 2009 when we arrived in Patagonia to build on the land we bought two years earlier, we first ordered 1000 used polypropylene feed & fertilizer bags to aid in the construction process. The bags had been recollected by the distributors from the farmers they had sold them to, after the said farmers had used their contents. They were of varying sizes and quality, many were laminated, some were not.

As is usual for products delivered to Patagonia, the way in which they arrived was simple, all tied up in rather scruffy bundles and dumped upon land ladies doorstep! Fortunately she's a good friend and this was no problem.

With our visiting Japanese friend Hayato and Makoto we piled them into our packs, and onto a wheel barrow and walked them the two kilometers from la Junta to our land on the side of the hill.

These bags we used as practise for the construction of our home. The first fifty or so went into building the walls of our greenhouse, following the destruction of the original one that did not have earthbag walls, and got rapidly destroyed the first time a storm came in. 

Later they were used to create earth retaining walls around the house and in the construction of our dry compost toilet, a twenty meter moat, scenic viewpoint, ponds and yet more greenhouses,

Now they are covered and protecting beneath earth and turf they should last a hundred years and more.<a

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