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Yep that`s exactly what it is? We were wondering what sort of tools would be used to build our fence and correctly guessed that they would be home made and uncomplicated. This fence post `knocker in` was made for four but used by two, Victor Hugo (who we purchsed our second peice of land off) and his son Johannes. It was very heavy work indeed.

Fencing is a family affair in Patagonia... Johannes wife helped set the posts and all of this was arranged by Lucio who is married to Victor Hugo`s daughter.

They had to carry Sixty Cypress posts along with two hundred and fifty smaller peices to string between the larger posts over 150 meters uphill. The `Argentinian`fence took five days to complete and cost $1200 - all that to keep the cows and sheep out - a necessary expense as the cows espcially have already eroded the land in some places. Meanwhile I got dressed up as an Arab and dug holes.

Konomi and I are looking forward to feeding, wining and dining the winners of our `What is it contest` Tony, Jan, Melanie and Steve and their families too, whenever they get to Patagonia. One more thing. Does anyone know where the fence post pile driver/stomper/tamper/knocker-in idea came from?

The answers came from people who grew up in: The UK, Netherlands and the USA - it would seem that this is a global contraption.

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Comment by Jan Zandvoort on March 16, 2010 at 8:19am
Hi Paul and Konomi, wrote you earlier about the pile tamper/knocker/driver for fencing, now I read that Tony, Jan Melanie and Steve and families have won your contest. In case I'm the "Jan" mentioned in the winners list I would love to come to Patagonia but am tight up in work and saving up for my own earthbag round house. Haven't got permission yet though, in case you have any tip considering forr this please let me know. Picked out a nice design from Owen Geiger, 2 bedroomed round house, will build a porch on the one we plann to build though. By the way, you really look like an Arab with that nice tulband. To come back to the pile driver: we got them in Holland as well but can't quite remember when I saw one. Keep up the good work you two!!! Warm regards, Jan and Maud Zandvoort.

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