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Creación de un estilo de vida sostenible en Patagonia  パタゴニアでサステイナブルな暮らし作り

It's been a busy year, so busy that we've not had much time to add blogs to the community, anyway, here I am with news. Last November we began receiving volunteers from the workaway program, an international web community of volunteers and over seventy people turned up in the course of the next six months to lend a hand. Some stayed for months, most for one or two weeks and one or two less that desire-ables for a day or so. Overall we were very impressed with the people who came, mainly in their twenties and will be taking more later in the year when spring comes along.

With this incredible labour force we were able to advance on the path to sustainability, with the creation of twenty or more terraces with which to grow food on, several ponds to feed the gardens, a variety of footpaths to access the land and several other large scale projects which included a new Pit Greenhouse, also known as a 'Walapini'.

We are very impressed with the Pit Greenhouse and even now, in the middle of a cold winter, we are growing avocado trees, and the temperature is many degrees even above our other greenhouse which is earthen walled and capable of growing watermelons.

This new greenhouse will enable us to plant crops we could never otherwise have and get a jump start on the spring planting time, by at least two months. We are in fact so pleased with this greenhouse we will extending it later in the year.

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