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Creación de un estilo de vida sostenible en Patagonia  パタゴニアでサステイナブルな暮らし作り

Hi all, I was pleasantly surprised to see that someone had posted a reply to my blog on this site, but when I went to view it, well it turned out to be uselessly vague, had no questions related to my description and the poster had no website listed on their profile yet their post included a email address @live.com which appears to be a free microsoft email. And yet something "important" to tell/share with me. Happy to share what I know with anyone who actually reads my description and shares an interest in those topics, those just looking to get valid email addresses (what do they get, $1 per address, phishing?), not why I am here!

At any rate, today's news is we have moved, just outside the same town but some more land, an old farm house that can use a PAHS semi-active retrofit, a bunch of animal housing and fencing and as I'd like to focus on fruit, nuts and berries and my spouse on honey bees and sheep, I expect to busy for some time!

There will be lots of photos to post as this stuff starts being implemented, in a month or two I expect to be posting on a regular bassis.

Take care everyone, and feel free to prod me to post updates!


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Comment by Geoff on July 20, 2015 at 8:36pm

Hi Paul, no worries about the spammers, it is very human to take shortcuts (I took Anthropology, Toronto was a culturally diverse place to grow up and the daily commute to school had me on the street car, then subway and finally bus. Many cultural backgrounds and walks of life on parade everyday with the constant North American consumer mantra, "Work hard, make money and buy things that make you happy." just not being reflected in the faces around me. "The Rat Race" mostly had people tired, stressed and unable to connect with anyone around them. If you're hosting a page, then by all means what goes on to your site is at your discretion, those who want to talk about off-topic or out of scope stuff can go start their own sites! On the food self sufficiency side of things, yes I'll be posting and one little project is going to be to build myself one of these;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCLrlOLidGQ&index=70&list=P...  I believe he's gone from the Bay of Fundy to Florida and Bahamas. Hope to sail down to see you within a decade, how far up the river from the ocean are you? Thanks for sharing all your inspirational work. Geoff

Comment by Paul Coleman on July 20, 2015 at 4:59pm

Hi Geoff: Thanks for the post and sorry about the strange message. It was sent by a new member who joined just to spam people. We thought it was a personal friend of ours, but it was not as we found out through your message. She is gone now. Thanks for letting us know. I am of going to let our members know of the spammer. This is why we like to approve blogs and posts beforehand. Looking forward to seeing your photo's and blogs.

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