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Creación de un estilo de vida sostenible en Patagonia  パタゴニアでサステイナブルな暮らし作り

Occupy Our Food Supply Patagonia... Healthy Food Healthy Living

February 27th was the Occupy Our Food Supply Global Event to highlight the need for people take control of their own food supply by going organic and discouraging the use of Genetically Modified Crops and seeds. We joined in by beginning a new greenhouse, which will be built in the Walipini style that originated in Bolivia, with a few unusual concepts thrown in to allow us to grow food all year... no matter the weather. Joining us were our friends Koichi Nakatani and Takafumi Akashi who is visiting from Japan. Konomi took the picture.


The Walapini style greenhouse is built into the ground with a lean to type roof. The roof will be double layer of UV protected plastic with a space of a couple of inches. The south side will be completely dug into the earth and the north wall will be slightly lower. This will enable maximum penetration for light. It will be around 15 meters long and feature some unusual forms of heating, including compost and solar heated water pipes.


You may have seen Aysen our region of Chile,  in the news recently. A widespread civil movement has recently been formed that basically seeks equality with the rest of Chile. Due to Aysen being so far removed from the rest of the country, life here can be difficult and the cost of food is expensive in comparison to other regions. The price of fuel and long distances that include necessary ferry trips, means high transportation costs. Half of the price of a tomato is in the transportation to get it here. There are very few hospitals and clinics and the money people are paid for work does not make ends meet. 


As well, people feel neglected by the National Government, which is they see as highly centralised with Santiago being the receiver of all things. This goes too for natural resources and the people of this region want control of them, a major sticking point when Aysen is a treasure of natural resources that the nations wants to tap.


So, for the past three weeks all through the region demonstrations have been taking place, some that have turned to violent confrontations with the police.  Even here in La Junta, hundreds of kilometer removed from Coyhaique where the regional government center is located the roads are blockaded... no violence here though, just neighbours with smiles wanting something better.

Consequently, there have been food shortages in the region and though we are growing lots of great veggies this year, next year we want to increase our output and be well prepared for anything that may arise.


This is why we so wholeheartedly support the global call for the control our own food supply. Best be prepared.

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Comment by Lazzaris Watanabe on March 5, 2012 at 11:43am

That is great!

Here in Japan, we are looking forward to move to somewhere we can grow our vegetables. It is really hard to find organic food. Then without option, We have to buy what we find around here.

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