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Picnic Zone Added To Greenhouse And Pond.

The earth we've dug out to create the pit style greenhouse has been placed into earthbags and used to create a path to walk on and a the new pond to feed the plants. In the process we have created a new comfort zone, where we will make a bench, plant roses and have a nice picnic view zone.

This large mound of earth in the corner contains good soil that drains well and that we hope is suitable for cantaloupes and watermelons, a crop, up until now, not grown around here. A little bit more digging and we can lay it on the clay subsoil about twelve inches deep.

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Comment by Paul Coleman on July 21, 2015 at 12:11pm

We've had that problem ourselves, and being here in Aysen really makes these sort of things difficult to progress on. Our ponds are used for the gardens, mainly they are a few meters wide and one and half to two meters deep. They are used for watering our gardens and thanks to all of the rain are replenished enough that the water is always clean enough to have a shower with. We pipe our drinking water in from a nearby stream and collect all the water from the roof etc to add to whatever just falls from the sky into the ponds. Our land is extremely porous, so sheeting of some sort is necessary and we have found that the same black plastic lining we use for covering up building projects to protect them from the elements is entirely suitable for the ponds. Our oldest pond is six years and is not leaking. The only leaks any pond has had is from accidents, Like a spade being dropped in for example. This is a very simple, but effective solution if you are finding it difficult to find the water for your gardens etc. We use very little water for our extensive gardens, becuase we utilize, mulch, huglekultur, permaculture, companion planting and edible forest methods. We have no running water in the house and dry compost toilets, and last year managed to get through two unusual months with no rain and up to sixteen voluteers working at a time. These ponds can be a simple soultion to any water issues you have.

Looking forward to hearing more of your about your place. 

Comment by Lathan on July 20, 2015 at 6:08pm

can you tell me how you are going to water proof your pond? We have been trying to build one our selves here in puerto varas but all the materials we have sourced so far are proving futile... granted we are trying to build quite a big pond.

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