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President Pinera of Chile visits La Junta!!!

Imagine our surprise to discover the President of Chile about to give a speech just a couple of hundred meters from our home on the edge of La Junta, population 2100 in the middle of the most remote region of Patagonia! He came withthe first lady and the Minister of public works who as Minister of Mining received global admiration for enabling the rescue of the miners trapped earlier this year. Needless to say, the whole event was very exciting for the community and laid back as only Patagonia can be. The President came to announce that the long awaited paving of the only highway in Patagonia, the Carrera Austral that runs through the village, and onwards for 1000 kms to the distant ice shelves at the south end of our province. He also delivered even more important news for La |Junta's.. A high school is to be built next year. This means the village children won't have to travel and live in the town of Coyhaique, 300 km,s distant.

In a place like La Junta, it's easier to meet the President than in the capital city and I think everyone in the crowd, including me, got to say hello and shake his hand.


Big news for La Junta and lots of nice photos.


Picture 1 President Pinera toasting citizens with a glass of local glacier water

Picture 2 Chatting with Laurence Golborne, Minister of Public Works


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Comment by Connie Palacios on October 6, 2011 at 11:43pm

I couldn't make up my mind to go to the bridge and be part of the crowd! I'm very happy about the highschool and proud of all of the moms in La Junta that worked hard to make this inauguration a reality, women who worked hard to acheive the Municipality's, the Regional Government's and the Educational Ministry's sponsorship. But.. I guess I can't still accept the dams and the power lines in Aysen that this government seems interested in approving... to the point I lost all interest in seeing Piñera in person and making the effort to seem happy about it :-( .

P.D. When I married and moved to La Junta back in 2002, the paved dustfree road between Coyhaique and Chaitén was due for 2005....!!

Comment by Luis Felipe Matias Dacosta Neghm on October 6, 2011 at 5:30pm
after what the dams do not like that this character out there. least in my country..... mmmm
Comment by Cliff Spenger on October 6, 2011 at 1:54pm
Wow, that is amazing.
Sounds like change is coming to La Junta,
with a new high school and a paved dustfree road.
Makes one wonder what the future of La Junta looks like.
I think you will see it go through many changes in the next years.
Viva La Junta!!
Comment by Steven Ross on October 6, 2011 at 6:10am

Well that seems nice.. your town is getting a road improvement and a school, maybe I will travel on that new road when i make my visit to Chile, good luck look forward to your next posting, how is the little house coming on?


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